Digital Citizenship


I do text a lot during the day and I acually lose a lot of sleep too. I use instagram and I use to use facebook alot. I deleted facebook but I still use instagram so I can get pictures from like school or just a weekend with my friends.  Ido lose time with my family because of  texting or even just looking up pointless things on the internet. I have learned to slow down on texting and instagram. I do spend more time with my family and friends now more then I use to. I learned that colleges sometimes do look up you like facebook pages and stuff to see your history. so I learned to be careful what you put not just on facebook but what you look up online and what you put on it, cause no matter how much you delete something, it more then likly will ALWAYS be there. So be careful what you post like pictures or statuses,because people can either take it the wrong way or you could possibly not get into college so, I will be careful for now on.

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First Week of School


I have been in White Oak my whole life accept for last year then I came back. This is my first year in White Oak high school and White Oak band. I have some pretty hard classes because the school I use to go to gave me the classes I was supposed to take this year, last year. So the classes i’m supposed to take my junior year I am taking my sophmore. I’m in band and track. It’s not track season yet though. Band is going really good for me. I play flute and I love marching. Track season starts later in the year.  My favorite classes I have this year is probably Geometry and Band. I’m good at math. I never knew White Oak  would be as fun as it is. My first week has been so great. I ready for the rest of the years to come and i’m happy to graduate as a White Oak Roughneck.

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I Remember


I remember our smiles

We shared together


I remember the jokes

We shared with each other


I remember the greatest

Relationship of all


I remember the days

We spent at the mall


I remember the death that

 Was whispered in my ear,


That your heart had reached

Its highest pier


I remember the sadness in people’s eye,

 As I walked down the isle sad and horrified


I remember the last words u said to me,


I love you I’ll miss you,

Please remember me


I remember.



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